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We are a family of 5 currently living in Texas (Mike, Care, Pea, Addie & Scarlett). We have three daughters (our first daughter was my "surprise" at 19, Mike adopted her in 2009). I blog to keep my family up to date on our happenings and to document our kids lives.

I am also a photographer. You can find me over at Thanks for stopping by!

November 30, 2008

Christmas Time!

Well it is officially the holiday season at our house. Woohoo! We cut down our trees yesterday (a small one for Portia and a big one for Mom, lol) and finished the house decorations today. I don't think Mike realized how Christmas-ey I am. It is like Christmas on crack over here, with the music playing non-stop. Mwuahahaha. Yesterday he told me how he spent several Christmases without a tree or anywhere to go and celebrate... how sad. How can you have Christmas without a tree? He has spent the last two Christmases with me, but the first year he got to TX on Christmas day (so he didn't experience the decorating craziness) and then last year he was already living in California, so he only came to visit for the week of Christmas and New Year's. Well, this year he is officially a real Griswold light-hanging, SUV driving, suburb-living DAD. Next year will be worse. I can see it now. :)

Below are some photos from our Thanksgiving weekend. We had an incredible meal at my Cousin Lisa & Eddie's house. The food was sooo good. I can honestly say it may be the best Thanksgiving meal ever, mainly because there were so many options (20+ people there). There were three different stuffings, three different sweet potatoes, creamed corn, turkey, mashed potato, two kinds of gravy, veggies, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, cookies, cranberry casserole, canned cranberries, bread, rolls, two kinds of every pie and vanilla bean ice-cream! Yummy! It was really amazing. I ate TWO plates. Oh man I was stuffed. Mike also ate two plates (bigger plates than me -- makes me feel better ;) and I think he was the first one finished x 2. LOL.

Hope everyone had a great week too. Happy December!

PS: THE DATES ON MY CAMERA ARE WRONG! I am too lazy to figure it out. LOL.

November 25, 2008

12 weeks 2 days pregnant!

We had another ultrasound today. Baby was measuring 3 inches in length and waved at us. Everything looked great! I get another ultrasound on December 23rd and the Dr. said if the baby cooperates, she will be able to tell us the gender. Woohoo! That would be such a great Christmas present!

Enjoy the videos. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2008


This time of year reminds me how thankful I am for my family.

Here are some photos from our Kipper family reunion this past 4th of July. It was my first big introduction to Mike's family (aside from the wedding, which to be honest was too much of a whirlwind for me to remember faces and names). It was such a great day. We are fortunate to have an amazing photographer in the family (Uncle Ross), who took all these photos. He also was the guy who saved the day at our wedding. He filmed the whole event, even though we didn't ask him too and when our videos were taped over (by dumbo me!), Ross sent his to us. I must have cried for a straight hour on our honeymoon when I realized I taped over my wedding videos. Yay for Ross!

My gorgeous sister-in-law Sierra and her family: Anthony, Sidney and A.J.

The cousins! (Portia had a near-drowning incident that day, hence the giant floaty swimsuit that Mom made her wear. ;)

My other beautiful sister-in-law Stephanie with her husband Mark and daughter Harlee. Since then, they have added baby Casey to the family in August. Can't wait to meet him!

The whole immediate family on Mike's side.

Mike catching a pass, then falling in the pool. See us in the water?

This is cute, because Mike used to be the catcher in high school and college. He loves when I play bball with him.

They have an awesome backyard. Great for parties.

Mike says he "dominated the game". LOL

Self explanatory. :)

Portia and her cousin A.J.

L to R Kipper family: Violetta and Tim (Mike's bro). Anthony, Patti (Mike's step-mom), Sierra (Mike's sis), Grandpa Tim (Mike's Dad), me, Stephanie (Mike's other sister), Mark and Mike.

The whole reunion. Can't believe I married into this big of a family! This doesn't even include Mike's Mom's side either.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am looking forward to stuffing and mashed potatoes. I also can't wait to get our Christmas tree next weekend!!

November 12, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster

Monday was great. Kate and Chase announced the big news!
Tuesday was good... I got a raise.
Wednesday sucked. I got laid off.

Yes... I got a raise on Tuesday and got laid off on Wednesday. Mixed signals don't ya think?

Anyway the sad, but slightly funny part of this all is that in 5 years I have been laid off TWICE. I am only 24! Hahaha grrr. The most pathetic part is that I cried my eyes out both times. The first time I did have an excuse to cry. That was also the day that my Grammy died. Today I guess I have a reason; I am 10 weeks pregnant and an emotional, hormonal mess.

Mike took me out to dinner to "celebrate" and slightly forced me to get some wine. Since I haven't had alcohol in so long, it didn't take much to lighten my mood. We laughed because we looked like the most unattached and boring family ever. I texted my parents throughout dinner, Mike played Sodoku on the back of Portia's menu and P slept through the whole meal! It was just one of those nights where we didn't need to talk anymore. I am lucky to have Mike by my side, that is for sure. I just can't express how much love I have for that man!

Anyway, I don't know if/when I am going to start looking for something else. Mike wants me to just enjoy being a Mom and being pregnant. I'm not sure yet, but right now that sounds pretty nice to me...

November 10, 2008

We've Moved

Well, we've moved. I am definitely the saddest about it. Portia loves the new house. Mike was soo ready to get out of the old place, but I will miss the location and the view. Oh the view. Tear.

I must say that this new place is so clean, new and big! It feels like a Texas house (those of you from TX will understand this) and it feels like a place to raise kids. We have agreed not to move again unless it is job related (meaning the job pays for the move), because moving is a pain-in-the-arse. Poor Mike, practically killed himself trying to get the fridge out of the house. Whoever invented split levels is an ass. LOL

Here are a few new photos of P from our last week at the old house:

My Sister is Engaged!

I have so much to update on here, but the main thing is that Kate and Chase are engaged!!! They have been together since the summer of 2003, so this has been long awaited in my family. YAY!! Another big 'ole crazy wedding. I think they are going to have a Mexican wedding, so that is going to be so fun!! Chase proposed while on a weekend trip to Austin. He did an amazing job on the ring. Look at that thing, it is gorgeous! I am so happy for them. This is a great start to the week!

November 05, 2008

Random Pics and Ramblings

Here are a couple of pics from Halloween. We headed down to Coronado to trick-or-treat with the cousins. Portia had a blast! There are a couple pics of her dunking for an apple at some random old guy's house. She wasn't too thrilled about it, but I was proud of her for trying and for eating the whole apple! Yay Portia! We went as the Shrek family, but there aren't any photos of me as Princess Fiona. I told Mike that we are all dressing up and taking a picture as the Shrek family!

So here are my 4 week and 9 week pregnancy photos. I decided not to do anymore bikini shots. My tan is gone and my body is not looking so hot these days, LOL. As you can tell, not much has changed. I didn't pop until almost 6 months with Portia (when suddenly I was as huge as a house), so I am thinking the bump will progress slowly with this one as well. I am hoping to have a cute little bump by the time I head back to Houston in January.

So Mike and Portia decided to go camping at our new house tonight. It is weird being home all alone. I am not doing anything exciting like I would if I were in TX with all my ladies, but instead I am watching TLC's baby story and a cake decorating contest on TV while eating pasta salad. Woohoo, I am so crazy and wild! Haha.

Anyway, the reason I mention my boringness is that I just spent the last 30 minutes crying during a Baby Story. The woman was named Trina Nafzger and she was pregnant miraculously while having Stage 4 invasive breast cancer (meaning it had the ability to spread everywhere). At the end of the show she talked about what she wished for her daughters and she said that she wanted them to be strong and happy and to think of their Mom the same way. She said the Dr.'s had told her the cancer had spread to the bones and her liver. She began to cry.

Two months later she passed away.

She left a 4 year old daughter and a 2 month old daughter, as well as her husband.

I just had to mention this, because it really reminded me to appreciate everything in life. I feel so lucky to be healthy and incredibly happy. I am so in love with my family, near and far. This episode made me so sad (yes, I may be extra hormonal, but this was incredibly sad).

Everyone stay healthy and please get your regular check-ups!

November 03, 2008

Our kid is not cute ;)

There is a website that combines your photo and your spouses photo to guess what the baby will look like.

Well check it out... why is our baby so angry looking? Hahahaa

Ok, here is a better one from the new VW ad with Brooke Shields. Much cuter :)!

EDIT: Mike just informed me that the adorable little baby above only has my genes (see the littl e blue lever under MOM is all the way filled in. He asked me to make a baby with only his genes... well I may be biased, but his genes aren't nearly as cute as mine. See below, LOL.

This is all in good fun of course. We will love our little babe no matter what, even if it is born with three eyes :) - Make your own kiddo!